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Please apply via your mobile device, iPad, iPhone, android or Tablet.
You cannot apply from your desktop or laptop

Apply for official course instructor Apply for Philippines course instructor

Once you have applied you will need to download the official PalFish APP to your iphone/android, tablet or ipad. Please follow all instructions once you have applied. You will be guided to the App store and please make sure you choose the correct teacher APP with the following logo:

What are the requirements for becoming a free-talk teacher?

  • Must hold a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate.
  • Very conversant with the English language.
  • Some experience in English teaching
  • Passionate about teaching English.
  • No requirement for a degree certificate.

Becoming a free talk-teacher is a good option for those who wish to have the ultimate flexibility in their working day. The hours are up to you and there is no guarantee of booking. The great thing is that you can set your own hourly rate and build your own student base.

The lessons are generally conversation based for those students who wish to brush up on their English. PalFish helps you to promote yourself so that you can attract students. The success is totally in your hands. You automatically become a free-talk teacher as soon as the recruitment department has verified your details.

What is the requirement for becoming an official PalFish course instructor?

  • A minimum peak hour commitment of 10 hours per week.
  • Must be from U.K, Ireland, Canada, U.S.A or New Zealand.
  • Must have a TEFL/TESOL or Celta certificate.
  • Some teaching experience is preferred.

The official PalFish course offers the teacher a more formal, stable teaching environment. All teaching material is already pre-prepared so lesson planning is pretty much non-existent. Earn up to $22 per hour plus ongoing bonuses.

Becoming an official course instructor does come with benefits, there are various different courses you can be invited too throughout the year which offer extra bonuses and you really feel part of the PalFish teaching community.

What is the requirement to become a Philippines official course instructor?

A minimum peak hour commitment of 10 hours per week.

  • Must be from the Philippines.
  • Must have a TEFL/TESOL or Celta certificate.
  • Some teaching experience is preferred.

This is an excellent choice for those teachers who are based in the Philippines, you can expect to earn 270 Philippine Pesos per hour plus bonuses..

Is there a formal interview?

Once you have applied and followed along with all the guidance you just need to wait for approx. 24hours until your account is verified.

You automatically become a free-talk teacher and if you wish to become an official course instructor then you simply press the apply button on the APP and you will then have to record a mock demo.

The demo is 25 minutes long and there will be no student, it is recorded and they will assess your teaching skill once completed. There is no formal interview.

Whichever route you wish to go down with PalFish, they offer something for everybody, whatever your education background as long as you have a TEFL/TESOL or Celta certificate and preferably some teaching experience then PalFish is a good viable option for you.

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