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Why consider teaching in China? Here are a few thoughts from TIPTOP ESL Ltd

The application process and finally moving to China is easier than you think.

There are so many benefits of teaching in China. Finding a teaching job in China isn’t as daunting as it may seem at first! English teachers are in incredibly high demand and the visa process is actually quite simple! With TipTop ESL Ltd, you will receive full support to make the transition to China as easy and simple as we can.

Living costs in China are very affordable.

The cost of living in China is very low in comparison to most Western countries. With teachers able to eat out every night at a decent restaurant for as little as 10-15 RMB (£1-1.50) a head. A pint of beer at a local expat bar is usually around 10 RMB (£1) and use of most cities’ public transport is 1RMB (10 pence) for a bus ride or 2RMB (20 pence) on the metro.

Travelling around the country is also easily affordable, with both cheap domestic flights and affordable high-speed rail links connecting the whole of the China. Teaching salaries in China are very generous when compared to the cost of living and teachers often are able to make a comfortable saving each month.

China is a huge country with a vast expanse of sights and culture.

China is fascinating country boasting the world’s oldest continuous civilization at 6000 years old. It is home to a vast and diverse array of attractions and wonders, from the astounding Great Wall of China to the Summer Palace in Beijing. You will receive plenty of time to explore the magnificent sites China has to offer and there certainly is plenty of those to entertain you on your holidays and time off.

You can make a real difference.

Teaching is a profession unlike any other. Having the opportunity to impart knowledge and skills onto others, then seeing your students demonstrate what they have learnt is a unique and gratifying experience. Traditionally, the Chinese education system has a ‘rote’ learning method (listen to what the teacher says and write it down 100 times until you remember). ESL teachers in China have the freedom to implement a more varied approach to teaching, most lesson plans are already prepared but of course you are totally free to develop your own style and to put your own stamp on each class.

You will develop great transferable skills!

Being able to impart knowledge and communicate successfully across cultural barriers are skills that can be transferred to almost any profession. One of the benefits of teaching in China is the organisational skills our teachers gain stands them in great stead to succeed in any careers path they choose to take, not to mention the language skills our teachers develop during their time in China! Often you find that the top leaders within business and government have at their core the skills to both effectively communicate and organise themselves and teams around them!

China is such an important country!

China is home to almost 1.4 billion people, thats 1/5th of the world’s population! China is also the 2nd largest global economy and is expected to overtake the United States in 2018 as the largest.

Having an understanding of the culture, language and traditions of China has stood teachers in excellent stead for a diverse range of careers in areas such as higher education, international entrepreneurialism and corporate business.

Cross-cultural understanding is vital in a globalised world

The world is becoming a smaller place day by day. From Universities to small and global businesses, institutions worldwide are placing internationalization at the forefront. Having the ability to immerse yourself in a different culture is more important than ever. Teaching in China gives you the opportunity to take on a fully immersive experience, step outside your comfort zone and keep in step with global trends.

The food.

China is likely the most exciting country in the world for individuals seeking culinary adventure! One of the benefits of teaching in China is the food. From the sweet Cantonese food in the South to the universally revered spicy Sichuan delicacies of the west, China has a dish to suit all pallets! From traditional salted pork and beef to the exotic and unusual food available at niche street markets including scorpion, tarantula and stinky tofu, Chinese food is an attraction not to be overlooked!

You will meet friends for life.

China has over 160 cities with populations in excess of 1 million and an increasing number of citizens in these are ex-pats. Ex-pat communities in China are without exception welcoming, kind, helpful and easy to find.

Soon after arriving in China you can expect to be introduced to the local expat haunts by fellow teachers at your school, and quickly make friends and connections in the city from around the world. Locals in China are always anxious to make foreign friends, and express genuine interest in your country and culture. Even after returning to their home country, teachers keep in regular contact with their friends from China!

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